What is wrong with the Indian education system?

What is wrong with the Indian education system?

According to the opinion of many analysts of “world class”, something is not right with the education system of India, in general terms, this is a country where there are many engineers, doctors, financial analysts, business managers and other professionals, with a very high level of competence. Let’s see, then, what is really happening in one of the most important economies in the world, at present.

The lack of options to study and the advertising of “Topper” in the society of India2. The advertising of “Topper” in the society of India:

1. The lack of options

The subjects that are taught in high school, usually, range from languages, through mathematics, economics, basic sciences, commerce, and accounting. This is what happens, in general terms. But, if it is about the elite schools, the most probable thing is that many other subjects are taught and with a better educational level.

What we just said, means that there is not much freedom to explore, being one of the main problems of the Indian educational system. Normally, students who choose Commerce are those who have not qualified for Science or, well, because they come from commercial environments because, for example, their father and/or mother is dedicated to this profession. On the other hand, the allocation of Humanities is crammed with students who did not qualify for Science or Commerce.

2. The advertising of “Topper” in the society of India

If a young person is not a “Topper”, very possibly he will feel bad because his neighbors yes are it and, worse, he is constantly embroidered.

Countless children in India have a huge mental capacity, but they should not be judged by the fact that they have a “top hat” or not. Rather than allowing this type of discrimination, children in India should be motivated by creative activities that, in turn, help them become more rational and successful in life.

The system of rewards and “over-marketing” in the education system of India

The system of rewards and “over-marketing” in the education system of India

3. The reward system

This is, perhaps, the biggest flaw in the Indian education system, since it focuses on memorizing what is supposedly “learned”, rather than on learning itself. The system is designed, at present, for any student to advance studying only the night before the exam.

This is not learned, because the student is memorizing, rather than rationalizing and analyzing what is studied. Then, instead of evaluating the students through the total score of a specific exam, they should be evaluated through their skills and abilities with which they have in general terms.

4. The “Over-commercialization” of India’s educational system

When a country educates a generation of young people, with the sole purpose of making them eligible to contribute to national progress, they can be convinced that they will be men They can take care of themselves and without depending on anyone, more than their own work. In other words, the real gain is that already educated people start contributing to the nation, more than when they start earning money.